All You Need to Know about San Diego Boat Show


San Diego is a favorite home port to many popular cruise lines, such as Holland America, Disney Cruise, and Celebrity Cruises. But the port is not the only that that is exciting about San Diego. One of the biggest events held in San Diego is the San Diego Boat Show. The San Diego International Boat Show is an event that mainly showcases products from the boat industry and marine. This exciting event is a big attraction to mainly the boaters and boat enthusiasts. They organizers of this welcome companies and brands that are popular and well-accepted, along with new & interesting marine products and services, seminars on free boating, libations, boat rides and much more.

Boat Show in San Diego

The Location and the Dates

The international boat show is actually a four-day premium summer event, which will be held from 15th June to 18th June of this year. The boat show will take place at the beautiful location of Spanish Landing Park situated in San Diego, a major and renowned city of California, USA.

What to Expect?

The International boat show showcases the products from the Boat Industry and Marine. It will showcase products such as boats like the row boats, work boats, canoes, diving products, deck fittings & other accessories, Advanced systems of water treatment, luxury yachts, power, pleasure, and speed boats, fishing products, marine accessories, boat charters, yacht & boat insurance, yacht construction/design, companies that organizes boat shows and exhibit boats, boat chandlers, repair yards, service providers & operators for aqua tourism or holidays, water sports, boating, & sailing clubs, and much more in the industry of boat and marine.

A Perfect Place to Exhibit

The San Diego Boat Show is a place where all boaters and boat enthusiasts gather. People from different parts of the world come to this international boat show to purchase boats and accessories. This international boat show is no less than a big auction or sale point. People wait for this particular time of the year for this boat show as all the leading boat and marine products manufacturers gather here to exhibit and sell their products. People come to visit this premium event because they know that this event will showcase some of the most beautiful and tremendous boats, as well as there, will be a number of vendors with a wide range of marine products. There are also many vendors who come with latest electronics and nautical products. You will probably will find many of their displays adorned with branded images, tables piled with literature and samples, covered with trade show table covers, runners and skirts, and many other attributes of a fair. Not all attendees are boaters, some visit with their family and kids. Therefore, the international boat show is also a great place to put up a stall for fast food and beverages, which will help the attendees to enjoy a refreshing day on this international boat show.

The San Diego Boat Show is all set to start yet another four-day exciting event this year. This is a perfect time for boaters and boat enthusiasts to get themselves and their boat ready. In this event, many will come and turn their boating dreams into a pleasant reality. There will be many boats, marine products, and accessories for sale along with the latest gadgets, electronics, and nautical gear. The San Diego International Boat Show will be open for everyone, both adults, and children.

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The Most Famous Ships


Sailing has always attracted explorers, travelers and just brave people. In ancient times it was the only was to travel to distant countries. The history holds the name of many famous people who made great discoveries. But also we remember the ships that became witnesses of their adventures.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

Although this ship was only about 70 feet in length and it was rather slow and inconspicuous, we can deny its fame. It was Santa Maria that brought Christopher Columbus to the New World. Columbus was not afraid to go into the unknown, having managed to cross the Atlantic the whole 4 times. Unfortunately, the fragile Santa Maria could not repeat the journey of her captain – she ran aground on Christmas in 1492. Its wood was saved and used for building a new ship, La Navidad, which means “Christmas”, since the crash just happened on that date. The original legendary has disappeared, but since then at least four copies of Santa Maria were built. Unfortunately, none of them were an exact copy, as there are no records about the original design of the ship.


H.L.HunleyH.L. Hunley

This early prototype of a submarine was actually more dangerous for its own fleet crews than for the adversaries. However, it was this ship that started the revolution in naval engineering, the results of which we use till today. The boat was created by the Confederates in 1863 specifically to sink the ships of the northerners. The boat made only a few passages, during which 13 crew members died, including the creator himself, H.L. Hunley. The prow of the ship had a spar with a lethal charge attached to it. Captain Dixon chose the target – the steam sloop Housatonic. The peak was stuck into the starboard, the submarine reversed, and the trigger cord caused detonation of the charge. As a result of the explosion, Housatonic sank, becoming the first ship in the history wrecked by a submarine. Unfortunately, H.L. Hunley did not return to the dock, sinking for unknown reasons. For 136 years it stayed at the bottom with eight crew members on board. Only 136 years later H.L. Hunley was discovered later in the harbor of Charleston. It was raised in August 2000. The vessel preserved surprisingly well and today it is stored in a special tank of water.

USS Monior and CSS Vigvinia - battle of Hampton RoadsUSS “Monitor” and CSS “Virginia” (or “Merrimack”)

The two days long battle between these two ships in 1862 got the name The Battle of Hampton Roads. This battle is considered to be one of the most important in the navy history since it was the first of two ships made of iron. The monitor also was the first ship with a rotating gun turret, influencing the design of the ships for the next century. Virginia, a battleship of Confederation, was built on the basis of the prior sunk frigate “Merrimak”, this explains the confusion with the names. Merrimack was flooded when Norfolk was captured by the Southerners in April 1861. After it had been raised the ship was equipped with massive metal plates. It proved to be not impenetrable for cannon fire and also became a dangerous weapon of the southerners used to sink a pair of traditional wooden ships of the Union the day before the historic battle. Neither “Monitor” nor “Virginia” played a significant role in the war, soon sinking. Virginia was blown up in May 1862, when the Allied forces recaptured Norfolk. The Monitor was lost during the storm at Cape Hatteras on December 31, 1862.

USS "Missouri"USS “Missouri”

“Mighty Mo”, how it was called by the crew members, was honored to become the ship on which instrument of surrender was signed by Japan proclaiming the end of the Second World War. It happened in the Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. After the IIWW the battleship resumed its activities participating in the Korean War (1950-1953). In 1984 in was reactivated and modernized again in accordance to Ronald Reagan’s plan to build a 600 ship navy. “Missouri” was in service during the first Gulf War in 1991, when the ship launched Tomahawk missiles and 16-inch rounds on targets in Iraq. Today the ship is on an eternal peaceful parking in Pearl Harbor, serving as a museum and military memorial. It is interesting that the mooring site is only a few hundred meters from the place of the battleship Arizona‘s wreck, so you can see the places where the war started and ended for Americans.

Battleship ArizonaUSS Arizona

The ship took part in the First World War, not doing anything special, and its active participation in the Second World War lasted only 15 minutes. This is how much Japanese bombers needed to sink this battleship. During the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor four heavy air bombs were dropped on Arizona. They pierced several decks and exploded deep inside, where the shells and fuel supplies were located. A horrible shot ripped the battleship to pieces; a tsunami-like wave was formed. As a result 1,177 out of the 1,400 crew members were killed, including the captain and the admiral. Remaining of the ship had been burned a few more days. Arizona was damaged so badly that it no longer made sense to restore it. Today it is a military memorial visited by millions of people annually. Considering the popularity of the ship today it is interesting that not many Americans know about the Arizona’s fate for several years after the war. Military censors held back the fact that the battleship lay forgotten in shallow water for decades after that attack. The memorial was built only in the late 1960s. becoming a symbol of America’s determination and tribute to the fallen.

HMS VictoryHMS “Victory

HMS means “Her Majesty’s ship”. No other ship served better as a symbol of the power that the Royal Navy possessed in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries. After all, Victory is the legendary flagship of Lord Nelson. The ship is one of the largest wooden vessel ever built. She has seen the battles against both the French and the Spanish fleets. “Victory” earned a place in history during the famous Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. On its board Admiral Nelson was mortally wounded, having already defeated the combined fleet of French and Spanish before. This victory made it possible to save England from a military invasion. The next hundred years the ship became a training school for sailors. In 1922, the British government ordered a significant restoration work. Now the ship works as a museum in Portsmouth, which makes Victory one of the oldest ships afloat in the world.

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Top 3 Sailing Races


What regular people expect when they hear the word ‘yacht’ is a large luxurious boat with a heli pad and swimming pool that is controlled through an iPad. However, some great ladies and gentlemen think of racing yachts. Since the UK Cumberland Cup in 1775, yacht racing has been a sport.

Over the years, sailing races have been made more challenging and the design of yachts more diverse. Today’s major races can be classified into inshore, offshore, ocean and around the World. Below is a list containing three of the most prestigious yacht competitions in the World.

1. The American Cup

Founded in 1851, the American Cup is the oldest and most prestigious sailing race. It only involves two participants competing for the America’s Cup, a trophy. The trophy which is popularly known as ‘Auld Mug,’ was named after the first winner of the race. Schooner America was the yacht that won the first race around the Isle of Wright in England. The race was exclusively for Englishmen for 132 years. After the trophy had been donated to the New York Yacht Club under the Deed of Gift, it was made available for international competition.

The participants involve a defender and a challenger. The defender is the team currently holding the trophy, and the challenger competes for it. The timing is agreed upon by the defender and the challenger. When a challenging team wins, it gains stewardship of the cup. The most recent competition was raced in 50 foot foiling catamarans.

2.Trans Pacific Yacht Race

This is one of the most premier sailing competitions. Participants come from all corners of the world to take part in the 111-year-old event. The race spans over 2225 nautical miles from Port Fermin Buoy in San Pedro, California as the start point all the way to Diamond Head in Honolulu, O’ahu. O’ahu is an island in Hawaii. That makes up 4121 kilometres of open ocean.

The race is held once in two years since it was founded by Clarence Macfarlane in 1906. This event is famed for quick downwind sailing propelled by the trade winds. A trophy named Barn Door is the award given to the team with the least sailing time at the finish line. Originally, the trophy was known as the ‘First to Finish.’ From 2009 onwards, the trophy is restricted to manual powered sailing yachts only.


3. The Global Challenge

The Global Challenge was an around-the-world race run by Challenge Business, a company founded by Sir Chay Blyth in 1989. It was held once in every four years. The race featured ordinary men and woman navigating steel yachts with a single design round Cape Horn and sailing through the treacherous Southern Ocean. Battling winds of up to 70 km, it was unique in that it took the way around the world that was against prevailing winds.

In order to participate, an individual had to pay a huge fee for charity. The route covered 29000 n mi (54000km) from Portsmouth in the UK and back to Portsmouth. It was a charity race for Feed the Children and was the ultimate challenge for amateur sailors. After lacking a sponsor in 2006, ”The world’s Toughest Yacht Race” had to be discontinued and the fleet put up for sale.

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Top 5 Most Popular Recreational Boats In The Market


The history of boating as a recreational activity goes back in centuries, but some innovations in technology and the creation of these boats have widened the options for a lot of those planning to buy one. Here are some of the most popular recreational boats that are sold by manufacturers today:

Fishing Boats

As you may already know about fishing boats, they have been specially designed to facilitate fishing as a recreational activity. Fishing boats are enjoying popularity, partly also because people are also starting to discover the pleasures of fishing for leisure.

recreational boat

There are a few boat types that are categorized under this umbrella. This includes Bass Boats, which are usually used for inland bodies of water. Bass Boats have high speed capacities and are outboard powered. They are especially useful for catching largemouth as well as smallmouth bass (hence the name).

Cabin Cruisers

Who says you can’t experience the comfort of your home while at sea or in a lake? Cabin cruisers have become popular exactly because of that reason. Most cabin cruisers appeal to consumers because they can accommodate a small family. This means that this recreational boat can be a great way to spend your weekends or holidays with your family.

Typically, cabin cruisers measure 24 feet and larger and often have air conditioning functionality in the cabin.


Remember those weird looking luxury boats that were a staple in water chases in the ’60s detective and action shows? That is called a runabout (bowrider, in some parts of the world). This recreational boat is popular all over the United States as well as Europe because it is small enough that it can trailered from one body of water to another. That being said, runabouts are large enough to accommodate up to 10 people and can even fit some gear and equipment for a day’s outing in the water.


While operating a sailboat requires a specific skill set as well as a rigorous training program, they are becoming increasingly prominent among users of recreational boats. This is because it is highly reliant on the wind, aiding to the thirst for adventure of many. Modern sailboats are already equipped with engines, but most avid sailors do not use them unless entering or leaving harbors. They are especially common in coasts with beautiful harbors such as Sydney, Perth, San Francisco and a few Mediterranean and Caribbean localities.


Do not confuse towboats with those massive river ferries of the same name that operate point to point in big rivers like the Mississippi. Towboats are a bit similar to runabouts, though their purpose is usually to serve wakeboarders and water skiers. This is why towboats are usually called “wakeboard boats” or “ski boats.” They are especially useful in facilitating aerial maneuvers for these extreme water sports. Towboats can also be used as runabouts, though they have been designed with rough waters and speedy rides in mind.

All the types of recreational boats mentioned above serve different purposes. They, however, share a common goal, that is to make your water activities enjoyable as possible.

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