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Top 5 Most Popular Recreational Boats In The Market

The history of boating as a recreational activity goes back in centuries, but some innovations in technology and the creation of these boats have widened the options for a lot of those planning to buy one. Here are some of the most popular recreational boats that are sold by manufacturers today:

Fishing Boats

As you may already know about fishing boats, they have been specially designed to facilitate fishing as a recreational activity. Fishing boats are enjoying popularity, partly also because people are also starting to discover the pleasures of fishing for leisure.

recreational boat

There are a few boat types that are categorized under this umbrella. This includes Bass Boats, which are usually used for inland bodies of water. Bass Boats have high speed capacities and are outboard powered. They are especially useful for catching largemouth as well as smallmouth bass (hence the name).

Cabin Cruisers

Who says you can’t experience the comfort of your home while at sea or in a lake? Cabin cruisers have become popular exactly because of that reason. Most cabin cruisers appeal to consumers because they can accommodate a small family. This means that this recreational boat can be a great way to spend your weekends or holidays with your family.

Typically, cabin cruisers measure 24 feet and larger and often have air conditioning functionality in the cabin.


Remember those weird looking luxury boats that were a staple in water chases in the ’60s detective and action shows? That is called a runabout (bowrider, in some parts of the world). This recreational boat is popular all over the United States as well as Europe because it is small enough that it can trailered from one body of water to another. That being said, runabouts are large enough to accommodate up to 10 people and can even fit some gear and equipment for a day’s outing in the water.


While operating a sailboat requires a specific skill set as well as a rigorous training program, they are becoming increasingly prominent among users of recreational boats. This is because it is highly reliant on the wind, aiding to the thirst for adventure of many. Modern sailboats are already equipped with engines, but most avid sailors do not use them unless entering or leaving harbors. They are especially common in coasts with beautiful harbors such as Sydney, Perth, San Francisco and a few Mediterranean and Caribbean localities.


Do not confuse towboats with those massive river ferries of the same name that operate point to point in big rivers like the Mississippi. Towboats are a bit similar to runabouts, though their purpose is usually to serve wakeboarders and water skiers. This is why towboats are usually called “wakeboard boats” or “ski boats.” They are especially useful in facilitating aerial maneuvers for these extreme water sports. Towboats can also be used as runabouts, though they have been designed with rough waters and speedy rides in mind.

All the types of recreational boats mentioned above serve different purposes. They, however, share a common goal, that is to make your water activities enjoyable as possible.

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