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Marketing Strategies For Boat Industry

Marketing in the boat industry has its own distinguishing features in comparison with other fields of business. This is due to the fact that there are a huge number of various types and classes of vessels and, respectively, the target audience for such boats will also be different. Therefore, marketers has developed diverse promotion strategies to cover different segments of consumers. In this article we will describe how the approach to marketing can differ depending on the most popular types of boats

Marketing for sports boats

The main category of sports boats consumers are people who lead an active lifestyle, agile, loving the thrill and activity in the fresh air. It should be noted that the category of sports boats includes many types of boats – from kayaks and canoes to sports yachts. In this regard, the audience is also quite diverse, and with different levels of prosperity, so there can not be a universal scheme for promotion. However, the most effective approach for marketing of sports boats is promotion at various sporting events (for example, sailing regattas, extreme sports) and festivals that also collect a diverse audience.

Marketing for sports boats

Do not forget that most of the audience is young people who love active rest. The younger segment of consumers is more responsive to advancement through the Internet and social networks. They tend to shop online for spare parts and accessories. Also, promotion through rental offers has proven to be effective.

Fishing boats

The main consumers of fishing boats are older men, more conservative in their views. Normally fishing boats are small (of course, here we do not talk about industrial fishing) and relatively low cost. It should be said that local fishing communities are fairly close where participants can know each other well. This provides an opportunity to promote products through word of mouth. Therefore, it makes sense to approach the influential members of the fishing communities.

fishing boats promotion

Also, in view of some conservativeness of the target audience, traditional forms of promotion through printed publications (for example, catalogs) and also through shops with related products (fishing gears, motors) are quite effective.

Do not miss the opportunity to promote fishing boats through fishing sports, which are held in widely throughout the US. It is necessary to recognize that fishermen are quite gambling people, therefore the best equipment is always the key to success at such events, so sports fishermen willingly invest in updating their boats. Accordingly, marketers can track such events in advance and foster interest in their products, and then use fishing activities as a platform for promotion.


Yacht owners are well-off people; they are representatives of the middle and upper class, who mostly live on the coast. The yacht marketing strategy is based on the promotion of an exclusive product of the extra class. As often happens with expensive items, there is a certain category of intermediaries (these can be brokers or marketing agencies) that seek to find an individual approach to each client. Often the process of promotion can take weeks and months, while the process itself is similar to the sales in real estate, when a realtor (and in our case a broker) accompanies the process of buying and selling at all stages, personally presents at the inspection of yachts intended for sale.

It should be noted that in this segment it is quite popular to sell used yachts and to promote by auctions.

marketing strategy for yacht promotion

Also, the owners of yachts can be divided into two categories: those who will directly use a yacht for personal purposes or shortly rent them out for charter for recreational or sports purposes. For the second category of owners, it is common to cooperate with marketing agencies that help in finding customers, and they can provide services for the purchase and sale of yachts.

As you can see, there is no uniform system of promotion in the boat industry. Depending on the type of a vessel, the target audience will differ significantly, and accordingly there can not be a single approach to marketing among such diverse consumers.

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