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    Marketing Strategies For Boat Industry

    Marketing in the boat industry has its own distinguishing features in comparison with other fields of business. This is due to the fact that there are a huge number of various types and classes of vessels and, respectively, the target audience for such boats will also be different. Therefore, marketers has developed diverse promotion strategies to cover different segments of consumers. In this article we will describe how the approach to marketing can differ depending on the most popular types of boats Marketing for sports boats The main category of sports boats consumers are people who lead an active lifestyle, agile, loving the thrill and activity in the fresh air.…

  • Boat Show in San Diego
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    All You Need to Know about San Diego Boat Show

    San Diego is a favorite home port to many popular cruise lines, such as Holland America, Disney Cruise, and Celebrity Cruises. But the port is not the only that that is exciting about San Diego. One of the biggest events held in San Diego is the San Diego Boat Show. The San Diego International Boat Show is an event that mainly showcases products from the boat industry and marine. This exciting event is a big attraction to mainly the boaters and boat enthusiasts. They organizers of this welcome companies and brands that are popular and well-accepted, along with new & interesting marine products and services, seminars on free boating, libations,…